In Honor of Christmas — Loverly Lights

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Wii Internet — Powered by Opera

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So, I finally got access to my Wii (now that it’s Christmas and all) and I immediately got on board and downloaded the new updates, one of which was the new Wii Internet Browser. I gave it a test drive (even tried posting using the browser, but it’s too hard to type without the use of a keyboard) and surfed the Internet, checked my gmail, even loaded up this blog!

The Good
So, what did I find out? Well, for starters, YouTube works just great on the Wii browser. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to some, but that means that the future of the console — from video and music to games itself — is very near. The technology to stream data to our consoles is being perfected by opera as we speak, leading to the possibility of pay-per-view movies on the console (streamed right to our televisions) and even live gamecasts (imagine the super smash brothers brawl tournaments being broadcast live to anyone who wants to watch them!). Since YouTube works, most flash and shockwave games are working too. That brings the number of games available to the Wii to a number far higher than anyone can count. My personal seasonal favorite, Santa Cubes, plays very nicely with the Wii.

The Bad
No password support. Period. I was checking my gmail and had to enter a password in giant Comic Sans MS-esque font that anyone watching me could see. It was starred in the browser, of course, but text entry is another story. For anything that needs to be kept safe and secure, the Wii browser isn’t your best choice. Also, unless you have a mega-screen TV (or are playing on a movie theater screen), good luck trying to read the text — it’s really too small.

Bottom Line
Entertainment features, such as YouTube and the Flash Arcades, are truly the major benefit of the browser. Email, and pretty much anything else, that’s another story. Hopefully there will be support for larger text in the future. But it is a work in progress, and for a trial version, it works out very nicely. If you haven’t given it a download, point your browser there and do it — it’s free!

Dr Phil Wii Love

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Found this video via Destructiod. Dr. Phil tries out the Wii. Those Mii’s look waaaaay too much like Dr. Phil — it’s kind of creepy.


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I really don’t know what all I’m going to put here. I surf the Internet quite a bit and there’s all sorts of random stuff that’s there. I may put a little bit of that on here. I write poetry, I do a lot of photoshop stuff, and I take a lot of photographs — I think I could find some of that to put on here, too. Lastly, if anyone has anything they’d like to put on here (game reviews, videos, music) then I guess I could squeeze some of that on here too.

So, to be perfectly honest, I’m really not sure what’s going to go here, but i’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t suck!