Shopping the Job Market

munch-eduard-the-scream-7700121.jpgBefore I begin, yeah, I know i’ve been neglecting the blog, so i’m gonna try and get back into it. Hopefully in the next week i’ll have a job that puts me in front of a computer — and that means blogging regularly!

Speaking of job hunting, i never realized how hard it was until I needed to. I mean, when I got hired on at Stallion (my last job), it was almost immediate and that was it. I’ve been 4 days without a job, and realize now that the job search is quite a bit harder than last time. (and I thought experience was supposed to help this!!)

So, I head an interview today with Fairfield. It was a straight up soliciting job — ‘hey you, wanna sit through a presentation’ kinda thing. And it’s straight comission. Does anyone give a Salaried job anymore? C’mon people!

I’ve got an interview with a financial planning firm tomorrow. And about 20 other resume’s out. God help me find a decent job, please!


~ by jedipirate on January 26, 2007.

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