The Vista Bus

•January 26, 2007 • 1 Comment

Anyone else see these badboys hanging around town when Vista came out? I saw this one outside of CompUSA in Franklin, TN.


Gaming… cool?

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I just read this article from Kotaku and it brings up a very interesting point. The gaming industry is bigger than the movie industry, and pro gaming circuits are springing up all over the place. World of Warcraft has gained a cult following, and everyone is joining in — not just the so called “nerds”.

Anyone want to wager a guess as to the future of gaming in a few years?

Shopping the Job Market

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munch-eduard-the-scream-7700121.jpgBefore I begin, yeah, I know i’ve been neglecting the blog, so i’m gonna try and get back into it. Hopefully in the next week i’ll have a job that puts me in front of a computer — and that means blogging regularly!

Speaking of job hunting, i never realized how hard it was until I needed to. I mean, when I got hired on at Stallion (my last job), it was almost immediate and that was it. I’ve been 4 days without a job, and realize now that the job search is quite a bit harder than last time. (and I thought experience was supposed to help this!!)

So, I head an interview today with Fairfield. It was a straight up soliciting job — ‘hey you, wanna sit through a presentation’ kinda thing. And it’s straight comission. Does anyone give a Salaried job anymore? C’mon people!

I’ve got an interview with a financial planning firm tomorrow. And about 20 other resume’s out. God help me find a decent job, please!

Sadam Execution Video – Unedited Cell Phone

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I got a lot of traffic from the Sadam execution video… well, here’s another one — it’s leaked cell phone footage from the execution. Unedited, raw footage of Saddam’s execution.

2007 Resolutions

•January 1, 2007 • 1 Comment

I’ve got a few new years resolutions that I’ve got. Some have to do with gaming, some with just life in general.

    Earn a promotion at work (that would mean me getting my own branch office.
    Pay off some at least half of my debts.
    Balance work and home life
    Get a new computer (this one just doesn’t keep up with the newer games)
    Compete in / win at least one gaming tournament

Flaming Tickle Me Elmo

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Now THIS is funny, and very fitting.

Sadam Execution Video

•January 1, 2007 • 2 Comments

I honestly haven’t gotten a chance to see this yet… a lot of people have been asking around for it, so here it is. Any thoughts?

2 versions of saddam’s execution in case the Google one doesn’t work.